Digital customer services for municipal water suppliers

Everyone has it, everyone needs it: drinking water that meets the highest purity and quality standards. In Germany, this is ensured on a daily basis by the many water suppliers, which are often organized as an association of several municipalities. We have set ourselves the task of driving forward the digitization of customer service processes and supporting municipal water suppliers in implementing the Germany's Online Access Act (OZG).

To this end, we have developed a consistently user-centric software platform under the "" product brand that can be used to digitally map all processes - for example, change of ownership, connection orders, customer data changes, or budget billing payments. Within a project and implementation phase lasting just a few weeks, water utilities can implement a powerful and secure customer service portal and integrate it into existing processes and IT landscapes.

A win-win situation

For water customers, this makes their supplier digitally accessible around the clock. Individual service requests can be handled quickly and in a user-friendly manner from any location, at any time, and with any end device.

And especially in complex application processes, such as the establishment of a house connection, this offers great added value and saves time and resources for everyone: users are provided with all the necessary information step by step and guided through the required details and processes. Compared with previous processes, it takes only a fraction of the time to handle one's information needs or service requests directly online.

Water suppliers benefit from more efficient processes: Fewer queries, complete and plausible information, so that the respective service or administrative process can be processed digitally in full and without media discontinuity. And on the cost side, too, significant cost benefits can be achieved by switching to digital dispatch and communication channels.

The Online Access Act in Germany

The OZG obliges the federal, state and local governments in Germany to offer their services digitally. This also affects water utilities in Germany, which are organized under public law. In view of the complexity and technological hurdles, this represents a real challenge for the individual supplier, which we support with our software platform in a solution-oriented and practical manner. In doing so, we provide detailed advice on implementation options for the OZG and digitized processes and also offer a connection to the service accounts and administration portals of the federal states.

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