This is what we do at leapfrog

We are burning to solve everyday tasks and problems better than we do at present. Faster, simpler, cheaper, more reliable, more efficient - in any case better for living and working together in the world of tomorrow.

The rapidly developing internet and software technologies put the construction kit in our hands. And we at leapfrog are building with it diligently and enthusiastically! We develop sophisticated and complex digital solutions and bring them to the users and the market. Conceived and made by us.

And that can come in very different forms: As SaaS (Software as a Service) or as an automation solution that performs its service discreetly and reliably in the background. Perhaps even in the form of an app. A database with impressive data quality and versatile interfaces. Or perhaps also a digital platform that networks various players or market participants.

Problem identified. And go.

Our pipeline is full. Really full. We are bubbling over with ideas and working on ambitious projects to bring them to market. We do! And that means: many thousands of working hours, a lot of brainpower, courage, a lot of creativity, experience, perseverance and also financial commitment.

We shape useful and value-creating solutions from internet and software technologies and want them to grow into commercially successful business models.

On the way to the market maturity of our products, we work out the individual project stages and topic areas in interdisciplinary teams and partnerships:

  • UI/UX design

  • Software development

  • DevOps

  • Sales

  • Customer Success

  • Compliance

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Security and Data Protection

  • Funding

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